Daniel Prieß / Unrest – ‘Of Foam and Waves’ – Ep. 1

– First part of the 'Unrest' Video Series –

"Being in the water with my skimboard just makes me feel alive. There's not much I can compare to it. Only playing music, playing shows with my band. Aside from that it's just skimboarding."

I came back to the island of Sylt in the North Sea to film the beach norishment just like I did last year.
Check out my short film 'Northern Tides' from last year here:

Turned out that it was too windy so the workers couldn't flood sand onto the beach.
Instead I had a little session in the foam!

Thanks to my sponsors DB Skimboards, Supremesurf and FÄDD Clothing!

Filmed by my brother Robin Prieß and me on Canon 550D and 7D

Music: Designer Drugs – Into the light

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