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You want to skim like the best? Then why not get yourself the pro model from the 2013 UST champion Austin Keen? That’s right, you can now get yourself a slice of awesome by riding ‘the champ’s’ board exactly the way ‘the champ’ likes it. This board is double carbon epoxy and sports Austin’s personal art. Austin prefers our Hybrid shape with a little extra tuning on the rails for the perfect ride.

BUILD: Double Carbon Epoxy, nothing but the best.
SHAPE: Hybrid Shape™ (get weight recommendations under Hybrid Shape in the chart below)


THICKNESS OPTIONS: Austin prefers 5/8″ inch, we can build you 3/4″ inch if you think you know better (all boards are tapered by default)
WEIGHT OPTIONS: Standard Weight, Competition Weigh™ , or Duraweight™ (Austin prefers standard weight)
FINISH OPTIONS: NT™ Finish, Textured Finish, or Showroom Gloss Finish (Austin prefers NT finish)
COLORS: Austin chose the colors of this board personally, but you can chooose your own if you like!
ART: Personally designed by Austin. Look at the photos, that thing is awesome!
DREADLOCKS: Not included.

- Premium Epoxy Resin
- Preminm Ultra-High Density PVC Core (not the cheaper stuff the other guys use!)
- A full sheet of Carbon Fiber on each side
- S-glass Reinforced Bottom
- Double Wrapped Rails
- Every trick in the book