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The Woody is for beginners who want to try the sport. Great for learning how to run, jump on, slide far, and bash small waves. This is the board we all learned on as kids and the tough fiberglass bottom will hold it’s shape and last for generations. Cheaper, pop out wood boards, will warp and will not slide unless perfectly flat which is a waste of your money. The Woody wave art is hand done on every board in the USA. Size tip; the rider should just be able to comfortably hold the board under his or her arm.

Size Chart
Size Suggested Weight Dimensions
XS 30 – 85 lbs 35.2" x 17.8"
S 65 – 110 lbs 36.5" x 18.5"
M 110 – 140 lbs 38.1" x 19.3"
ML 120 – 190 lbs 39.7" x 20.1"
L 150 – 200 lbs 41.6" x 21.3"
XL 180 – 220 lbs 43.8" x 22.2"
Technical Specifications
Core Material: Hardwood
Core Thickness: 3/8"
Resin: Polyester
Rails: Soft/Boxy
Shape: Squash Tail
Rocker: Low for longer slide
Finish: Hand painted art finish with gloss


New to the Vic line up of boards for 2012 we welcome the MARK II. Designed with the help of long time Victoria family member Mark Mills and shaped by Tex Haines, the Mark II combines the timeless shape of the Fish with our proven Poly model making a great East Coast performance board. A thicker mid density foam core with added rocker and more body surface area help a rider plane out farther and bring the board back to the beach easier.

Size Chart
Size Suggested Weight Dimensions
S 100 – 140 lbs 52.5" x 20.0"
M 140 – 190 lbs 53.5" x 21.0"
L 190 – 250 lbs 54.5" x 22.0"

Technical Specifications
Core Material: PVC mid density
Core Thickness: 1" tapered to 3/4" on the nose and tail
Fiberglass: E-glass
Resin: Polyester
Rails: Boxy
Shape: Regular/Fish combination
Rocker: 2"
Finish: Matte