“Pro” is probably one of the most used terms in skimboarding.  Almost every major company offers pro models from professional riders on their skimboard team.  Additionally, manufacturers will sometimes use the word “pro” to describe a certain board model or shape.  Exile is no exception.  But before you run out and buy a “pro skimboard” doesn’t it make sense to understand what exactly you are getting?  Here is some information about the different types of “pro skimboards” Exile offers.

Exile offers a “Pro Shape” and several “Pro Model” skimboards.

The pro shape is one of our most popular shapes.  Several world championships have been won with pro shape boards under the feet of riders like Paulo Prietto and Sam Stinnett.  The pro shape is more of a traditional “teardrop” style shape with the narrowest nose of all Exile’s standard shapes.  It is a well rounded board that excels in all conditions but is particularly well suited to liners and sidewashes as the narrow nose allows the rider to travel down the line with minimal resistance.  Probably about half of our team riders ride this shape.  You can see what your favorite skimboarder rides in our team section, all the rider’s preferred boards are in there!

Pro Skimboards - Pro Shape Skimboard Example

Exile also offers “Pro Models” which are skimboards that are modeled after the boards that specific riders prefer.  So for instance if you order the Austin Keen pro model skimboard, you get the exact board that 2013 UST Champ Austin Keen rides.  This includes board art as well as any shape modifications Austin prefers.  Pro models can be Pro Shape boards, but are not always.  Austin Keen for instance rides a Hybrid Shape, so his Pro Model also has a Hybrid Shape.

Pro Skimboards - 2014 Pro Model Skimboards

We hope this post clears up any confusion for you. If you have any more questions you may contact us anytime and we will be happy to answer them for you.

Exile has the largest and most accomplished team of professional skimboarders in the world.  So its appropriate that we have a few different variations on the term pro skimboards!

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